Dear auntie Vonie
Ummm, what a time.
Periods are very erratic, one month here, the other there, the next nothing or very little.
So then you may stop if more than 12 months aah yava iyo.
Don’t forget that in between all this confusion, you can get pregnant Yoooh
Anxiety, mood swings, hot flushes, hot or cold feeling in your face, neck, chest at times you feel dizzy, aah you burn you don’t want anyone sleeping near you because they add to the heat. You wake up drenched in sweat
You may wake up, and your heart is racing.
So these can be on and off for years.
Brain yako just becomes so foggy.
You are so tired you just don’t want to do anything, can’t concentrate
Kana iri sex zvayo yooooh muyedzo chaiwo, the drive goes down even to zero Amai. Kungoita zvekufadza mutengi!!
Down your ladies inside, you feel dryness, pain, itching and discomfort during sex. You can make use of lubricants.
Possible recurring urine infections

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