Auntie Vonie,
I want to share some myths about Menopause that I have come across:
Some people believe that when you reach Menopause, your womb has been spiritually cut off due to a curse cast upon you.
Some ladies may even think that someone evil stole and bewitched their underwear, and that’s why they have now reached Menopause.
Some say that your breasts’ size indicates how long your periods will last. If your breasts are small, you will reach Menopause sooner than those with bigger breasts.
Others say that when you give birth to many children, you will reach Menopause earlier than those with few.
If your period lasts more than five days, you will reach Menopause sooner than those whose days are less than five.
The length of time it took for your umbilical cord to break will determine whether you will reach Menopause early or later.

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