Dear Auntie Vonie
Aaah, kkkk, so today I decided to ask ppl around me about Menopause.
Kkkk 1st, an African Sotho woman, told me she reached Menopause due to a bad spell cast upon her at 46…She went on to say it was too early, but at her church, they prophesied her.
She explained to me that after Menopause, one becomes like a young baby gal; the bones come together again, becoming tight, especially the vaginal area, thus the reason why young men run after ladies who have reached Menopause.
2ndly I spoke to 2 African ladies, one from the kasi and one from the suburbs; they are both in their late twenties
Kkkkk they laughed at me and told me it was too early to be thinking about hot flushes, but they knew at least.
Lastly, I spoke to an Indian lady who had just turned 40.
She was also a little bit uncomfortable about the conversation I could tell.
She told me most reach Menopause at different ages but from 45.
Kkkkk, another guy friend once mentioned in passing that we ladies won’t be able to enjoy sexual intercourse after Menopause.
I went on to do my own research; I found out that once you reach menopause, production hormones are reduced the desire for sex becomes less.
Yooo, it was just scary. I discovered that some women become very sick during transitioning to Menopause.
But I was consoled by an article of a white woman aged 52 who haven’t reached Menopause.
Thnx for bringing up this topic, mna bengingakaze ngiyicabange njalo; even in women’s circles, I have never heard about it sihleli sizwa nge period pain.
Asbonge Maaa

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