Celebration Fridays

Celebration Friday! Women going through menopause face numerous challenges while juggling work, family responsibilities, and personal well-being. Celebration Friday creates a space to acknowledge and celebrate women for successfully navigating the week amidst their many roles, being a wife, mother, grandmother, CEO, manager, mentor, minister, all the while navigating menopause symptoms. Women overcome personal, professional, and spiritual hurdles in the week but come Celebration Friday, we pause to honour each one, honouring their achievements, supporting their well-being, cheering them on and fostering a sense of community. Celebration Friday seeks to create an environment that promotes empathy, understanding, and solidarity among women in menopause. Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate. We celebrate and empower women to embrace this season of life with grace and confidence. Cheers to you Queen! We see you.

Representation in Menopause Conversations

Ketura Woman advocates for representation and inclusivity in menopause conversations, particularly for black African women. Including them in research studies and clinical trials is crucial to bridge knowledge gaps and provide insights into specific needs and experiences. Advocacy organizations, healthcare providers, and industry leaders have a role to play in promoting diversity and representation. Ketura Woman provides resources, support, and networks for black women during this life stage to drive positive change.

⏺️ One to one coaching programme - 6 weeks - £50 

Speaking Engagements

Our experienced coach, Vonayi Nyamazana, offers engaging and informative talks on menopause. With a deep understanding of women's physical and emotional challenges during this natural phase, she is available to speak to groups of any size. Vonayi brings a unique perspective to the conversation and helps break down misconceptions and stigmas. Schedule a talk with her for an inspirational learning experience in a corporate or community setting.

⏺️From £200 

One-to-One Training Programme

Our one-on-one training program offers personalized support to individuals experiencing menopause. Our highly trained professionals provide guidance and resources to manage symptoms effectively.

⏺️ Consultation - 45 minutes - £300 

Own Your Menopause - 6 Week Coaching Programme

“Our coaching programme (for individuals or groups) provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allows women to learn, express concerns, seek guidance, and develop practical strategies that empower them to navigate and manage the menopausal journey with confidence.

Week 1: Understanding Menopause. This week is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of menopause and its physical, emotional, and social impacts.

Week 2: Self-Care and Lifestyle Adjustments. This week will focus on exploring strategies to manage menopausal symptoms and promote overall well-being.

Week 3: Emotional Well-being and Mental Health. In this week, we will focus on the emotional aspects of menopause and promote mental well-being.

Week 4: Exploring Treatment Options. We will discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and provide an overview of available medical and non-medical interventions to help individuals make informed decisions.

Week 5: Managing Relationships and Social Challenges. We will address the impact of menopause on personal relationships and offer strategies for effective communication and support.

Week 6: Creating a Thriving Menopausal Life. This final week will recap the coaching journey, write your menopause vision statement, set long-term goals, and develop a plan for a fulfilling life beyond menopause.

Remember that topics and sessions can be adjusted to suit individual needs and preferences. Each session can include interactive discussions, goal setting, action plans, and recommended resources.”

⏺️ 6 week group coaching programme – £597 

Menopause Training in the Workplace

Menopause training is a crucial step in creating inclusive and supportive workplaces for women who are transitioning into and coping with menopause. Employers can foster employee loyalty, increase productivity, and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workforce by understanding the challenges faced by menopausal women and implementing appropriate policies, guidance, and work environments. Women in the midst of menopause may find it difficult to seek support and endure productivity and performance issues due to symptoms such as poor concentration, forgetfulness, and anxiety. Policies and work cultures can also contribute to the challenges faced by menopausal employees, for example, dress codes, temperature control, and flexible work arrangements. Benefits of menopause education for employers include employee retention, loyalty, and productivity by addressing menopause-related issues. The Ketura Woman Workplace Training Program covers the importance of a supportive work environment, understanding menopause and its symptoms, promoting self-care and well-being, creating supportive work cultures, training managers and supervisors, and providing resources and support networks.

Other Services Available


⏺️ Menopause Awareness Training for managers

⏺️ Lets talk Menopause for men – group talks

⏺️ Menopause Awareness and information Training for the workplace