To the menopause tribe

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the women that have lived with Menopause, are living with Menopause and continue to live with it in silence.

I want to acknowledge the ones living with the discomfort of hot flushes and night sweats. The ones who wake up drenched in sweat several times a night every night and drag themselves up in the morning to be mothers, wives, friends, and colleagues. They still drag themselves to work getting on with the day’s business.

I acknowledge the ones who suffer the heavy flows, the brain fog and anxiety day in and day out without relief. The ones who constantly worry that something is wrong…they don’t feel like themselves. Yet, they struggle to get through the day – pushing through the overwhelm, the fog of forgetfulness and the anxiety and fear of not knowing why they feel like this.
I’m cheering you on even as you can’t find the words you want to use or when you are irritable and grumpy because you are tired. I see you even as your joints creak and feel like a 90-year-old’s. Even when they all laugh because you can’t find your reading glasses which have been perched on your head all day or can’t remember why you came upstairs. It is that woman that I acknowledge and honour today. I pay this tribute to you. You are still needed. You are still worthy, and you are valued. You are still loved. You are still woman enough. You still have so much to offer.

Menopause is not a one-day event; I wish it were. It’s a whole journey; for some, it can be a long, uncomfortable one, affecting most women physically, mentally and emotionally. It affects not just health but marriages, relationships and careers. So let’s do away with the jokes about middle-aged women. Let’s stop with the “Oh, it’s just menopause” with knowing looks and rolled eyes. Instead, let’s give support, love and understanding. Let us be kind because although Menopause is a natural process, it can be a difficult season for our mothers, sisters, aunties and wives. A kind word, smile, or hug goes a long way. So why not send someone a message today, telling them how amazing they are… I’ll take it. Today, I pay tribute to every woman transitioning into Menopause, in Menopause and post-menopausal. I send you a hug and raise my glass to you.
Cheers to you, Queen.

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